Welcome from Kiwijetsetter!

Im a fresh out of High School teenager (Adult in the making) currently on my gap year and travelling around the world, one country at a time. Kiwijetsetter was founded following my trip to India in 2014/2015. I wanted a place where i could give everyone the travel bug i had caught very badly. As i was still in High School, Kiwijetsetter started out as an Instagram page where i could share my travel snaps with family, friends and the world. I then discovered the marvellous object called a GoPro, from there i started to take videos and edit then to later upload them on my youtube channel.

As i said above i am currently on my gap year. In July i fly out bound for Los Angeles in The United States of America, from there i am hopping my way across the country to Ohio where i will be staying with my family over there! With New York, Chicago and Washington DC within a handful of hours away this seems like the perfect place to base myself. I have not yet been able to grace the USA with my presence (HA get it) so i am very excited! From America my best friend Sineah and I are flying to Johannesburg in South Africa. We will be doing a Save the Lions breeding project at Ukutula Lodge which is about 2 hours out of Johannesburg. The project is four weeks long, from there we are meeting up with our Mums, who are flying all the way from New Zealand to spend two weeks being travellers with us!

I made this blog so i am able to not only give you all the highly contagious Travel bug but to allow my friends and family to keep up with what myself and Sineah are doing day by day!

Super happy to have you all aboard!

Kiwijetsetter/ Holly Ryan